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SEO rankings are the results of effective hard work and no coincidence.

SEO in Vancouver went through a lot to figure out the right way to communicate with search engines. To the top consists of five steps:

Step 1

site audit

You only have 7.4 sec to make the right impression! Professional SEO-audit of your site will be on the first pages of Google, Bing and other search monsters. After analyzing and identifying your competitive advantages in the market, your sales will grow in return!

step 2

Target keywords

Every SEO keyword matters and matters a lot! 46% of the success of your business depends on how accurate the keywords are chosen. I have an individual approach based on careful analysis, target groups, location, specialty and other criteria.

step 3

Search engine optimization

SEO in Vancouver will open the door to search engines! Targeted content, correct information and product positioning along with impeccable codes and a link network on your site will break down any obstacles on your way to the top! Let the professionals do all for you!


step 4

Site promotion

I know where 41.97% of your audience comes from! Fast and effective website promotion and advertising will help you increase your brand awareness, ensure a steady flow of customers and increase your sales! Excellent results are impossible without perfect promotion!

step 5

Attentive site support

Professional and attentive project support is a life jacket for your site, which allows you to make the most of its potential! By maintaining the relevance and relevance of your site's design and content, I provide a high ranking and position in the search results!

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is an іmportant part of comprehensive website development and promotion. For a site to rank first on search engine results pages (SERPs), you can do it in an organic way - which can take years or more - or you can hіre SEO in Vancouver. Only an SEO company can advіse you on strategic search queries that you can use to promote your site. In general, an SEO company will help you increase the visibility and traffic of your site, as well as help increase the success of your business. Absolutely, the higher a site's position on the Google search results page, the more users will switch to it. Also, you gain the trust and loyalty of clients in digital and in real life when they can easily find you online.

  • What is an SEO company?
  • How does SEO work?
  • How can I optimize my website?
  • Internal optimization
  • External optimization
  • Is this even allowed?
  • What are contextual ads, and how does it differ from SEO?
  • What "tools" does an SEO company use to "organically" increase a website's rating?
  • Why is іt so crucial to hire a professional?
  • Five main things to consider when deciding to hire an SEO specialist
  • Five important questions to ask when choosing the right SEO
  • Why is SEO so expensive?
  • Can I promote my site without hiring an SEO company, and how?
  • Why pay extra for premium content?
  • How important is web design for SEO?
  • What SEO strategies does the SEO agency Calgary use?
  • Do we do local SEO in Vancouver?
  • What іs SEO one of the best marketing strategies these days?
  • Our SEO strategies in Vancouver different from other regions?
  • What is the difference between SEO and marketing agencies?
  • Tips from professionals at the last minute

What is an SEO company?

An SEO company is a type of online marketing company hired by a business owner or anyone who wants to promote their website to become more visible, accessible and thriving on the Internet. Whether it's a local search in Vancouver or a topical search in which you hope to take first place, hiring an SEO specialist is a critical step towards your site and business's success. Google, Yahoo and other search engines use complex and ever-changing logarithms to ensure that their users find the quality content they're looking for and aren't spam. Spam is essentially paid ad or content that clutters your browser, mailbox, or search results and is irrelevant to users' search queries. Google search logarithms are designed to filter content that has formed organically, which means that it has gained popularity because it is beneficial, relevant or popular in the real world. SEO companies use strategic techniques to simulate this organic growth in online popularity (higher ranking in Google) in a much shorter time. Business owners know that sometimes it can take years to build a reliable customer base. The same goes for web pages. When everything is done professionally, the work of SEO experts will save the time and money of the website owner, ensuring that Google's work will not consider the site spam. Tip! Be sure to read the previous clients and the success of the SEO-company. Internet marketing companies that advertise spam may seem like a cheap alternative; however, their services can harm your site and business if they are marked as spam.

How does SEO work?

Simply put, optimization rules are set by search engines and are always changing. Every search engine, such as Google, will use and regularly change its ranking algorithms. Ultimately, search engines try their best to match their users to the set of keywords that they plan to use to promote the resource they are looking for. As the world is continuously changing, new businesses come and go, event pages are updated regularly, etc. Search engines have a hard time sorting endless data to find the most relevant and useful users' results. To do this, Google will take into account factors when decrypting content; for example:

  • How many times search keywords appear on a page
  • How many times other websites link to this page
  • How long users stay on the page

 However, in the end, the magic ranking formulas of your site are preserved. Google does this to prevent the use of spam or fraudulent promotion of ranking pages. However, even though the procedures are secret, experienced SEO-companies always stay abreast of the latest developments and know which factors are most important. Using these strategic techniques allows you to timely and strategically improve the position of the website.

How is a website optimized?

Some examples of how SEO is done ...

  • Choice of strategic keywords. By carefully analyzing millions of users' search history, the right keywords can be of great value.
  • Improving relevance through proper page organization: By structuring the organization of pages on a website to increase its search availability and applicability, websites are much more likely to be noticed as the correct search query matching.
  • Providing or restructuring your website's content - the description and the main text on the website is crucial. The repetition with which keywords appear on a web page is one way to determine a site's usefulness and ranking.
  • Add the full range of your business offerings to the Internet - anything for sale, services or products, such as coffee or photography, can have several different uses, with just a "Photo" entry with very little content on a web page. Google will rate this site lower than a company that describes all of its past services in detail. Wedding photography, portraits, real estate photography, etc.
  • Coding pages for SEO-optimization. The "internal" structure of a website plays a huge role in page ranking. A poorly created, organized or coded web page will confuse Google and reduce the site's chances of ranking.
  • External factors that go beyond the page itself. How often do other trusted websites promote, mention, or link to your website? The more "popular" you are in other quality sites, the better! SEO in Vancouver can help with this.

All these tasks can be divided into two categories: internal optimization and external optimization. To learn more about the differences, read on.

What is internal optimization?

  • Web designer and programmer - friends SEO Expert put, internal optimization is the work done on a real website or web page, which increases its chances of getting into the rankings. Examples of internal SEO-optimization:
  • Compilation of the semantic core ;
  • Raising the internal structure of the resource (CNC, Robots.txt);
  • Elimination of technical errors (duplication of pages, broken links, increasing the loading speed of the site);
  • Continuous improvement of the technical usability of the website (download time, correction of mobile browsing, etc.);
  • Improving the relevance of the pages (matching the user's request);
  • Image optimization;
  • Providing internal links (the relationship between your site as a whole, taking into account each page).

Internal SEO optimization can take a long time; it must be a constant effort and must be performed correctly. A website with a good structure in terms of end-users and the "server part" is of paramount importance when ranking a website. The success of a website ultimately depends on how well it is made. Beware of companies that offer excellent deals on websites. A badly designed site is worse than not to have it at all because it may have multiple pages invisible to the end-user but are secretly used to communicate with other spam sites, exposing you to the risk of being tagged by Google. After all, the site must be high quality, fast, convenient, comprehensive and entirely relevant to what your customers or visitors are looking for. Like most things, it's simple, but not as simple as it seems.

What is external optimization?

A good saying that is commonly used to describe how Google logarithms work is "you know the person by his company." For Google, this means that the more and more pages that mention, link to, or link to you are mentioned, the better your website will be. Simply put, external support is crucial to getting a website ranked higher. Target audience targeting External SEO optimization builds a link network by getting links from other sites to your site. In real life, when a celebrity wholeheartedly supports your product, it's a great way to increase the number of subscribers. The higher the profile of the fame, the better. It's the same with online content, but paying to promote your site as spam. In general, this should be done by a professional to avoid tagging your site or, worse, closing it. However, keep in mind that because Google carefully filters spam content, websites that offer cheap links can damage your site's reputation! To increase the organic visibilіty of your website among other sites and create a quality help network, the search engine optimizer will provide you with:

  • Constant publication of fresh, relevant and interesting information that your target users will naturally consume and share;
  • Register your site in various search engines, directories and relevant databases;
  • Exchange links to popular and quality resources; to share the care.
  • Provide quality and strategic placement of press releases; in the form of blogs, updates and messages.
  • Encourage and ensure constant activity on relevant forums and blogs.

An external SEO process should not be performed without prior competitive analysіs to see what competitors are doing well and what activities should be avoіded to protect against actions that may be marked as spam by Google. Google's algorithms are actively working to ensure the site's natural growth, so poorly executed external SEO-work is worse than doing nothing at all.

Is this even allowed?

Indeed, Google is continually trying to filter content, and paid promotions are always considered spam and therefore tagged. However, SEO professionals follow an unwritten code of conduct to avoid conflicts. Ultimately, SEO experts are accountable for search engines. Non-professional companies that offer discount links or spam materials are quickly tagged and punished. However, professional SEO companies conditionally divide optimization methods into three categories.

  1. White optimization - work on the resource without officially prohibited promotion methods, which can affect search algorithms.
  2. Gray methods are not officially banned, however, their use can be seen as an unnatural overstatement of popularity. Some search engines block such sites.
  3. Black optimization includes practices that contradict the rules. The risk of falling under the filters of search engines is very high.

Any work with SEO involves the use of methods that directly or indirectly affect the result of robots. However, white-collar SEOs and marketers are strategic, play fair and do not break the game rules. They are updated continuously and follow Google's guidelines for building profitable websites and optimizing them. The information is publicly available in the Google Search Console Help Center and can be accessed by anyone at any time. A professional SEO company will save you a lot, a lot of your precious time. Keep in mind that cheap SEO companies often have low prices and special deals because they use many illegal and inexpensive techniques. If the search engine rules are not followed, the consequences can be dire for your site's success.

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What is Pay Per Click, and how is it different from SEO?

An internet marketer comparing SEO and PPC, PPC stands for Pay Per Click - this is a form of paid online ads where companies that want to promote their website in search of customers get high rankings in exchange for paying a small fee every time their site is clicked. Quite simply, it's a quick and easy way to acquire a visitor to your site instead of organically creating such people. You may have heard of Google Ad Words, for example. This is one of the most famous and popular forms of checkpoint. This allows advertisers to bid on ad placement on multiple selected sponsored links that appear at the top of the search result. Have you ever noticed the word "Ads" in the little green box next to a website link? This is Google Ad words. These positions are filled by a hard bidding process where Google considers the amount the advertiser wants to pay per click and how relevant, useful, and liked the website's content is to users. Pay Per Click can be a valuable, quick and easy way to promote your website. However, it can also be costly (this is how search engines ultimately generate revenue.) Pay Per Click is also an art in itself. Spending a lot of money on advertising without reliable and exhaustive keyword research can be a complete waste of money. It's a great idea to consult with an SEO professional before getting too carried away with promoting your site with the PPC method. Here's a quick summary of some of the crucial differences between SEO and PPC.



Appearing at the top of Google search.

-Some sites may take months or even years to get to the top.

+ Instant results

Budget vs. Results

+ With SEO, you will have a clearer idea of ​​how much it will cost to promote your site over time. However, if the number of visitors exceeds your expectations, the price will remain the same.

- The more traffic to your page, the more you pay.


- An SEO expert will offer you a strategy and conduct your campaigns based on your target keywords

+ You can instantly change your campaign's keywords and strategy as often as you want.


+ The results of competently conducted work on SEO will have a long-term impact on your position and business. Organic traffic continues to flow even after the work is completed

 - As soon as the advertising campaign stops, the flow of customers stops as well.


 + Users are more lіkely to trust a site that has grown organically

- Users naturally turn away from direct online advertising and can damage a company's reputation.


- When working with SEO, there is no warranty for the online world- is always replacing

+ First positions are guaranteed as long as you continue to pay to be on the top.

The reality is that SEO and Pay Per Click aim to solve different problems, and it is crucial that you, as a website owner, make the right decision for you. Sometimes, depending on your budget, working together is a great way. Using SEO and pay per click can increase visibility in both the short and long term. Using both methods can help you effectively manage your reputation, test changes in your advertising strategy, identify the most effective keywords to attract the most real customers, and offset seasonal sales declines. Ultimately, the ultimate goal is to build a strong online reputation among search engines and your customers.

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What "tools" does an SEO company use to "organically" increase a website's rating?

Magical SEO tools. It is important to remember that an SEO specialist cannot do his job without the cooperation of a whole team of people and the pooling of resources. Many analytical tools are used to analyze and build a strategic keyword structure. Optimal content is usually written by professionals directed and directed by SEO Experts to reflect its relevance to search for the right keywords effectively. And most importantly, building a digital network requires many different players and resources. Here are examples of tools that an SEO company could use.

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a subscription-based desktop program used to crawl websites for technical reporting.
  • Plagiarism Check is a free online service used to check the uniqueness of text that helps avoid plagiarism.
  • com is a paid service used to research competitors' sites.
  • com is a paid multifunctional service that allows you to track positions and analyze backlinks, key phrases, audits, and research competitors.
  • com - a paid service for examining the link profile of the site (links from external sites to your site)
  • com - a free hosting verification.
  • com - a servіce that provides the essential technical characteristics of the website.

Why is it so crucial to hire an expert?

 There are three simple and important reasons why hiring a professional is crіtical to your online business's success. 

  1. Trying to expand your site on your own can take years of trial and error. You may have serious technical problems on the server that kill your chances of ever being ranked without even knowing it. Keywords are essential, and without a strategy, you will be another site lost in a sea of ​​unlimited data.
  2. Using the free SEO tools provided by your web hosting provider will not give you any competitive advantage. The fact is that they are made simple and easy to use so that everyone can do it, and everyone can.
  3. Cheap SEO companies in Vancouver can damage the reputation of your site. These companies are cheap because they offer links that are often illegally bought in bulk. Google is working hard to find these companies and mark them as spam and all their customers. Don't make the mistake of literally getting into a network of dirty "clicks."

Five main things to consider when deciding to hire an SEO specialist.

  1. It is important for existing customers to have a reputation online.

The fact is that we live in the age of digital technology. Even if you have a strong customer base, a strong brand presence online is essential for building and maintaining your customers' trust. We expect our digital versions to relate to reality, especially in the business world. Poorly designed or poorly ranked web page negatively affects your reputation as a harmful company and can undermine even the most loyal customers' trust.

  1. People are looking for you. Wouldn't it be great if they could easily find you?

Do you think that customers in your area are looking for precisely the products and services you offer on the Internet every day? They may currently be clients of one of your competitors but are not happy with the lack of property looking for you. Many people make a purchase decision without leaving home. Even people in your city of Vancouver, AB, can drive past your business every day but won't want to stop until they see your name at the top of the Google search engine. Why not make them trust and rejoice in what you offer without even meeting them?

  1. Doing a facelift online can help you in many ways than just being online.

Creating a website is a lot, like making the personality of your business. The process of selecting your target audience based on real data about what people are looking for can help you to find areas where you can grow. People want to offer services and products, and it bothers me that you didn't think about it. Besides, writing and designing your company's goals and personality can help guide your actions in real life.

  1. Connecting with other companies on the Internet can open up new opportunities.

We all know that competition in the free market is the fuel for innovation, but cooperation can also drive growth, especially on the Internet. Building a network through links, content, and communication helps promote your website and enables you to connect with an extensive network of other successful companies in your or related areas.

  1. The work of SEO pays off

If a great website that is easy to find online brings you five new customers, isn't the work of an optimizer worth it? In the business world, building a customer base can take years. Simple use of referrals is inconsistent and unreliable and can lead to huge losses of income or the distribution of gifts that will never pay off. The digital world works much faster and even more! Isn't your main goal when you start growing your business and make more profit out of ads? What are you waiting for?

Five main questions to ask when looking for the right SEO.

  1. Where is the SEO website?
  2. Have you been advertised as pay-per-click or as Google advertising?
  3. Is it anyway can you be sure that they will not do the same with your site?
  4. Do they match the Google Penguin Algorithm updates, and how? If you are not sure if this is not explicitly stated on their website. ASK! If they don't start telling you all the requirements at once, they won't understand what they're talking about.
  5. What other website did they successfully evaluate? Always ask the SEO company for examples of their previous clients. Building an online reputation for a search engine optimizer is all you have to do your homework before you start wasting your hard-earned money.

Why is SEO in Vancouver so expensive?

SEO requires hours of research, creative results, and skilled work.

I hope the information available on my website gives you a better idea of ​​the amount of work required to get a website to the top. The fact is that many factors, people and clocks are involved in optimizing a website and placing links to it. And because our company is located in Vancouver, Canada, we can't live on $ 5 an hour.

Cheaper services mean lower quality work, which can eventually harm your site and cost you more.

Like most of the products on the market, the price often depends on the quality of the work. Cheap copywriters can create materials that are not related to your business. It has misspellings, or it optimizes your site for the wrong keywords. Also, affordable services that offer discounted backlinks will bring you the traffic you are looking for. They can also undermine your site's credibility, which will lead to the site being marked or, worse, blocked.

Advertising is expensive.

SEO helps people find products and services. More traditional advertising methods are often too expensive for the average small business. For example, advertising a bus stop on a busy Vancouver street and murals and billboards can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Even a small advertisement in a magazine can cost more than a hundred dollars for one issue. PPC can cause you to spend your entire marketing budget on random traffic without a refund, resulting in a loss of trust from your potential customers. After all, working on SEO may seem expensive, but the long-term and tangible impact on your business is worth it. Please, send us a request, and a team of our experts will find a solution that works with your budget and get results relevant in today's digital age.

We offer packages at a reasonable price for any budget.

Here at Top-Top, we understand what it's like to run a startup or business on a tight budget, which is why we offer customizable packages, giving you the tools, guidance and guidance you need to optimize your site from any budget. You can save our time and your own money by purchasing one of our private coaching packages. We will do the research and give you clear directions; by updating and changing your site yourself, right, for the first time, you will get the same benefits for a fraction of the price.

SEO pays for itself.

It is essential to consider that being absent from the search engine negatively affects your business, which you do not know about. Don't lose your customers' trust, don't miss out on attracting new customers, and don't let more time pass you by. Start today; every new client you get is money spent on SEO- the money is well spent.

Can I advertise my website without hiring an SEO expert, and how?

You can! We can help. Check out one of our customized SEO training packages, and we'll bring you the research data you need to get started. We will also give you customized advice and guidance on how to fix your site, write effective and optimized content, and start building a web on the Internet. Even if you decide not to work with us, we hope that some of the things you learned about on our site will help you start well on your internet marketing.

Why pay extra for premium content?

Having top-notch content and media is one of the most straightforward steps to satisfy Google and get your site ranked. The unique information you have, the higher your chances of getting a better rating. However, simply writing without any content marketing strategy "for that" is not a good idea. Ideally, it would be best to spend hours and hours in multiple stages of writing an article. You will have to work on good research and keyword density, optimize titles and meta descriptions and dozens of other small factors that make up a large part of your SEO success.

At Vancouver’s Top SEO Service Provider, "To-The-TOP!" We prioritize content as it becomes more critical than ever before and design content marketing strategies that meet your goals.

How important is web design for SEO?

While user-friendliness is one of Google's top priorities (beautifully designed websites "seem" much better), it shouldn't be your top priority. Clean and versatile websites are outstanding - and visitors love them. However, it doesn't make sense to improve the design if you can't get targeted traffic to your site that they can like.

Let's get back to the issues - web design is not an essential ranking factor in SEO. The most reliable veterinarians in the field of SEO will tell you that creating links and content is a top priority, and it's true. These two factors make up 90% + the site's ability to rank.

What SEO strategies does the SEO agency in Vancouver use?

When it comes to website ranking, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as it depends on dozens or even hundreds of small factors. Wouldn't it be nice to have a ready-made SEO strategy for Vancouver? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Each website must be analyzed using various software applications to check the current "performance" status of the target website, backlinks profile, competition and more.

It seems like a big job, but it pays off. With the right (and executed) SEO strategy, a website will rank even for the most competitive keywords.

Do we conduct local SEO in Vancouver?

Of course. Vancouver and BC, SEO is essentially a specialty of It includes various strategies, from simply creating links to a blog that provides for placing your business in different industry directories, optimizing your business page on Google, constantly monitoring rankings in local search results, and more.

We have experience with SEO in Vancouver and BC to help you rank for competitive keywords and dominate search results in your niche.

What is one of the best SEO marketing approaches these days?

SEO is much more complicated than paid ads (also known as pay per click) and does not yield results quickly. It looks like a PPC winner here, right? Not quite.

Pay Per Click has a much lower return on investment because you continue to pay to attract customers. As soon as you stop giving Google (or any other search or social platform) money, the flow of visitors will stop abruptly. Doesn't this seem like the best internet marketing strategy?

With SEO, you are sure to invest your money in the long run and run a continuous business - this is one of Vancouver businesses' best online advertising strategies. While the initial costs may rise, over time, you will notice how SEO eventually becomes a small part of what you pay search engines and social networking giants to get similar results.

Are our SEO strategies in Vancouver different from other regions?

Vancouver is the largest and most populous city in BC. As a result, SEO in Vancouver is very competitive. With more than 50,000 businesses across the city trying to capture the largest market share, you need to focus as much as possible on your online presence.

And how best to be noticed? Increasing the visibility of an online business. What's the point of the best services if no one can find them? We mentioned earlier that SEO provides the highest long-term return on investment. Although local competition is more challenging than ever, a well-planned and implemented a local SEO strategy will help you achieve the desired results.


What is the difference between SEO and marketing agencies?

There is no clear boundary between them. Online marketing is like an onion - it consists of several layers of different aspects.

However, in general, marketing strategies are more focused on social networks and interaction with customers. This includes digital presence management, press releases, local events, etc. Vancouver

On the other hand, SEO agencies focus most of their efforts on making your site and business more visible in the eyes of search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. This іs an indirect way to get people to know about your company. The best thing is that search engine traffic is much more targeted, leading to increased customers and sales.

Last-minute tips from professionals.

Vancouver SEO Professional Make no mistake by paying for cheap, advertised Internet SEO. These services will actually hurt your business and end up costing you more money. Using a local company like us based in Vancouver can give you peace of mind knowing that you have our team - accountable and available to you so you get what you pay for and more! Remember, organic traffic and building a community of loyal followers online is the most effective way to get to the top. It may be valuable to talk to a brand strategist to get clear and convincing boundaries to make sure your company and your brand look better and communicate the message you need to your customers. The most crucial thing to recognize is that it takes time to grow your business and increase your online presence. Be strategic and consistent, but most vital, be patient.


We hope you learned something here today! If you wish to know much more, you can dive into search engine optimization and Internet marketing rules in Vancouver or elsewhere; use our tools and resources to find out more. Track the latest news and industry trends. The digital worlds are constantly changing, and the chances to satisfy the thirst for knowledge are lacking. Otherwise, call us! SEO in Vancouver always ready to offer high-quality assistance with customized plans to achieve your goals and budget.

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